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What to do if you’re knocked off your bike by a car

Posted by on Feb 9, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on What to do if you’re knocked off your bike by a car

With more and more of us looking to get healthy, save money, conserve the environment and dodge the ever increasing traffic, there is now a record number of cyclists on the streets of New York. This consequently leads to higher levels of accidents involving cyclists.

As more people are getting knocked off their bikes by cars than ever before, it is important people know exactly what to do in an accident. Any type of accident is stressful. On a bicycle you are particularly vulnerable as well as sometimes hard to see. In this article we will discuss the first things to do should you be unlucky enough to end up in such a situation.

What to do at the scene

Call the police

Even if you don’t think you are seriously injured always call the police. Let them make the decision whether or not to come out to you at that time. Although you may feel fine many injuries don’t always develop until a day or two later. Sometimes adrenaline will cover up pain until you have walked away and calmed down.

It’s always better to have police at the scene they will make reports which could help you with an insurance claim. If they ask you if you were injured tell them you have been hit quite hard and need a medical exam, don’t ever just say you are ok.

Never say you are ok!

Even you don’t know whether or not you are ok. You could be concussed or as previously stated have sustained a personal injury which will develop later.

It might look shifty to the insurance company if you have already told the driver you are ok and later say you have been injured, even if it is totally legitimate. Instead be vague about how you are feeling and be insistent that you require a medical examination from a doctor.

Get as much information about the driver as possible

The other driver is a complete stranger from you. If the police do not turn up you need to get all of their details, but do not just take their word for it.

Make a note of his number plates and ask to see his driver’s license. These days most people have mobile phones with cameras on them. If you do have a camera phone on you use it to your advantage and take pictures of the drivers’ car, license plates and driving license.

You will also need the other drivers’ phone number. Get them to call you so you can verify their number.

Take photos of everything


If you have a camera phone on you, use it to your advantage. Take photos and videos of everything you can. Get pictures of the car that hit you, the plates of the car, the drivers’ license, the scene of the accident, your bike and any damage to the vehicle which hit you.

A picture paints a thousand words and will be good evidence should there be any disagreements further down the line.

Get witnesses

Get the names and contact information of anyone who may have seen the accident. This will also be good evidence if the other driver decides he would like to lie about exactly what happened.

After you have left the scene

Go to the doctor

If you don’t go to the doctor and go around telling everyone that you’re fine, should injuries develop later it may look like you are faking it to the insurance company. Also like previously mentioned you could have received injuries you are unaware of ad injuries to the head can be very dangerous.

Don’t get your bike fixed

Even though you may want to, it’s better to preserve the evidence. You can have a mechanic look at it in order to assess the cost of the damage but leave it in exactly the state it was in after the accident. Wait to fix it until you have agreed a settlement with the insurance company.


Insurance companies are usually quicker to respond if you have received a personal injury even if it is a smaller one. Sometimes it has been known that insurance companies can even ignore claims which only involve property damage.

You should be aware that it is illegal to fake a personal injury in any way. This is known as insurance fraud. Do not play down a personal injury. Always let your doctor decide what injuries you have suffered.

Of course it would be much better if you avoid getting in an accidental together. The New York City Government has plenty of information regarding bicycle safety on their website including a handbook guide on how to make your cycling safer and easier.

As a car driver getting into an accident like this can be very upsetting and increase your insurance costs. Read here about New York State vehicle and traffic laws to keep you out of such a sticky situation.

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